Beauty emerges from all sorts of places and Slough is certainly on the spectrum of all sorts of places, so why not? (For those who are not from the UK, Slough is plagued by something of a stigma.) Anyway, this track from Slough-based musicmaker Jacopo Wun is called '4Movements' and it is f-i-i-i-n-e. Fine. In a good way not in an "im fine thx" way.

Set to clacking snooker-ball percussion that decorates a blissfully lopsided beat, scraping gravelly synth trails along at the lower end of the track's two-chord structure, with vintage strings dusted with light abrasiveness levitating at the higher –all the while, heavy FX make guitar sounds like whirlpools of plasma, phasing synths like some static breeze. Like retro boom bap but with slightly cosmic leanings, richly textured and mind-assuaging.

It comes from a recent EP from this producer, Eastleigh (another um English place), which is quivering with percussive architecture and swirling sounds.