Beatnick Dee and Allen Poe seek to free their minds from social chaos and madness that dominates the American psyche.

Composure is a new collaborative EP between L.A. based producer Beatnick Dee and Kentucky rapper Allen Poe. Despite being separated by 1,500 miles the two bonded over the "current chaotic political climate in America" and "out of a spirit of restlessness and a period of personal transitions." The seven-track EP features guest verses from Cashus King (FKA Co$$), Deacon The Villain of CunninLynguists, Versailles The Everything, Cashius Green and Kem Kola.

‘Free My Mind’ is the first single from the EP and sees Allen Poe flow over a cosmic yet aquatic beat as he discusses an internal battle between choosing a path of peace but disconnect from the world around him or a path of righteousness and turmoil. The rapper has eloquently described his situation: "The social chaos and madness that dominates the American psyche is overwhelming and I often find myself caught somewhere between my own privileged ability to turn apathetically inward for escapism from our modern dystopia and the need to speak out to try and affect any change I possibly can. As a father I teach my daughter's equality, but who do I teach as an artist? ‘Free My Mind’ is me wanting a better world while being unwilling to replace my apathetic lens of doubtful mistrust in humanity for a rose-coloured one. Southern California MC Cashius Green's verse is witty and heady, often teetering on isolated paranoia. With so much ugliness around us the tendency to isolate into our own depressed headspace is understandable, yet this want for discourse still looms, ever present, ever inescapable and necessary."

Composure is available on cassette and as a digital download now via Below System Records.