Beatnick Dee and Pheo have announced the release of their upcoming collaborative album Patience with the release of a Pulp Fiction-inspired video for the title track. Producer Beatnick Dee carefully infuses a hypnotic bass line with swirling organ and slick guitar licks. The single sees Pheo flourish over the spacey funk-laden, soulful canvas provided.

The collaborative album took over 3 years to create with numerous versions of tracks with instrumental additions and new voice recordings as they both set out to perfect their crafts. This attention to detail and meticulous polishing inspired the idea for the album title, with the LA-based rapper explaining "Being able to be patient with yourself is vital because it shrinks or blossoms growth in all facets of our lives. If we master it, our capacity for development is boundless."

Patience is released digitally on 3rd April.