Seeing as Pharrell hasn't been doing enough lately, he's now been linked to another album currently in production. As well as performing at every music awards show going, working with every artist ever, making headlines with a hat, inventing time travel, finally mastering the game of Othello (it takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master, y'know), and discovering the existence of life in space, Pharrell has now got his fingers in the Beck pie.

Beck's latest album, Morning Phase, is out on February 25th (with it now currently streaming over here) but it seems that is not his only venture in 2014. A while back, Beck declared that he was working on two albums this year and, in a new interview with Beck on Billboard, it appears that this second album has Pharrell attached. In what capacity, we don't yet know. In fact, details in general are quite scarce, Beck only saying that there are other "high profile collaborators" on board and that he hopes "time willing" that this second project will be finished and released this year.

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