I'm just going to admit something right now: I've never seen the show Mad Men. Many people I know are obsessed with it, however, so with the news that Beck turned down the offer to write the opening theme, it feels like everyone kind of lost out on that choice. The Morning Phase musician said they asked him not once, but multiple times to write the theme and every single time he said no. In the newest edition of Billboard magazine, he explained:

I suggest that he obviously has confidence in his own instincts, but Beck quickly demurs, “My instinct has definitely gone awry; I could give you many examples.” He laughs and tells me about how, several years ago, he turned down repeated requests to write the theme song for a new cable TV series. “It’s about ad executives in the ’60s? They’re going to make a show about that? Really? Um, I don’t think so,” he remembers saying. “Yeah, just like the best show ever made!”

That was probably a poor choice on his part.

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