Earlier this summer, Beck unleashed his wildly catchy new song 'Wow', which is accurately titled. Now, the Grammy-winning artist has managed to take that sonic colour and evenly match it with some new visuals with the help of co-director Grady Hall and visual artists Sam Cannon, Randy Cano, Andy Gregg, David McLeod, John McLaughlin, Jess Rona and Steve Smith.

"The cumulative effect of viewing images on Instagram and other places online was an influence," Beck said at the time. "Now you can scroll through the most disparate, diverse and fascinating images in the span of minutes. It’s a new form of experiencing visual media. The infinite amount of stuff out there is overwhelming and inspiring in the way that you have a form of expression that is alive and changing every second. Unlike a book or a film, it is continuously flowing, changing and is non-linear."