Tinted with a fuzz-coloured hue, indie-pop quartet Bed Rugs aren't resting on their laurels after their full-length debut, 8th Cloud, released last year to rave reviews in Benelux. This mega-EP of six tracks was recorded in their local church and mixed by none other than The Bees' Paul Butler – his influence is present, and the result is a release that's all jangles and shoe-pop and nods to 60s guitar bands like The Beatles (they even wheedle in a sitar sample). They're infused with elements of psychedelica, rock and shoegaze, with some onlookers noting resemblances to Tame Impala and Deerhunter.

The Antwerp foursome's lead single 'Blinds' recalls the hazy summertime glow of Australian newcomers Jagwar Ma. The guitars are a slovenly mess, emanating the contented apathy of just laying in the sun, flipping between gravelly distorted threads and jangly banjo-esque chords. It's got a massive woozy chorus, proving that the band aren't just one trick ponies and are likely to continue shoving pop-laced tunes in our direction. New single 'Yawn' has the occasional hint of britpop, it seems more Mansun-y, but there's potentially Gallagher oriented sounds worming their way in too. Regardless, there's an overt 90s feel at the forefront of the noise.

'Wave' is a shanty for tie-dyed pirates engorged on special brownies - it's more 'Greenbeard' than 'Blackbeard'. It seems like maybe it is attempting to be vicious and aggressive, but just as the guitars conjure up the motivation to launch somewhere, the inebriated vocals slither over and break up the commotion. The title track is a bit of a let down, and compared to their positive indie-pop charmers, it's a bundle of ambient mess and screwy samples that just go nowhere. 'Daydream' is overflowing with flower-power licks and multi-layered harmonies, and it's where that Beatles vibe really makes itself at home. Aside from the blaring tremolo, you'd never expect that it was recorded in the 21st Century.

Bed Rugs' latest output has scope. There's elements drawn from many places, and although there's an overriding 60s tone, they still pull aspects from other decades and genres to ensure that they keep up to date with the modern world. It's a chilled-out micro-record, released at an opportune time - this is destined to have an impact on the summer (as long as the sun shines, that is). Unlike Theme Park, who dropped their sun-kissed LP mid-winter, Bed Rugs have theirs aimed squarely at cider-soaked afternoons at the park and the memorable revelry of sunsets.