Singer songwriter Bedouine has returned with a new track called 'When You're Gone'. It sees her once again teaming up with producer Gus Seyffert, and could be an indication of a second album soon approaching. Speaking on the new song, Bedouine tells us:

"When I started ‘When You’re Gone’ I was just messing around with pretty chords. Then the lyrics spontaneously came to me much later when I read something on Instagram, which is kind of hilarious. It triggered a line that eventually rolled out the entire song. In retrospect I think it reflects on the time since I’ve released my first record; in nondescript hotel rooms alone or getting dropped off a cliff after tour is over, not exactly sure what to do with myself. It also touches on what that can mean when it comes to the people you’re closest to."

Everyone has experienced the pang of missing someone when they're far away, especially when you're alone in hotel rooms, as described by Bedouine above - but this amorphous feeling has more depths than the word "miss" can convey - and that's where 'When You're Gone' sparkles. Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Vashti Bunyan, Bedouine spins a silken web of longing with her guitar and voice, given additional sheen by the glaze of strings that also adorns the track. In this delicate production we can practically hear the world revolving around our singer, and the seemingly infinite distance between her and her desire, but we are happy to inhabit it for the song's all-too-brief runtime, because it is just so beautifully human.

Bedouine will be playing London's Queen Elizabeth Hall on September 7th (tickets).