Bedouine real name Azniv Korkejian takes after the nomadic tribe that influenced her pseudonym, having been born in Syria to Armenian parents. Azniy has lived in Saudi Arabia, Boston, Los Angeles Houston, Kentucky, Austin and eventually returning to LA, saying that "moving around so much caused me at some point to feel displaced, to not really belong anywhere and I thought that was a good title." It’s this vagabond lifestyle that has influenced Bedouine’s sound with '60s folk, '70s country and a little touch of Bossanova intertwined with delicate guitar picking and gentle vocals.

‘One of These Days’ is the second single from her upcoming self-titled debut album and it’s the single that got her signed to Matthew E White’s Spacebomb after giving him a CD after one of his shows. The track impressed Matthew E. White so much that he listened to it hundreds of times whilst on tour and even made it his alarm clock sound.

Bedouine is out June 23rd on Spacebomb Records.