Egremont-based native Arran George expresses a raw sense of beauty on his new track, ‘The Middle’. In the wheelhouse of Bon Iver, the rising artist carries truth and tenderness on his latest endeavor. With George’s distinguishable vocals sparking inspiration to those listening on, the path he’s on is paved with sincerity and wisdom. At its simplest form ‘The Middle’ is an acoustic-driven track with wistful undercurrents transporting it from one sonic place to the next. Where the song flourishes is its unique ability of letting your heart to be mended by any disarray it’s had to endure in recent time.

At just 21-year-old, George belies his youthful inexperience with complexity and well-rounded talents. From moving melodies to universally themed lyrics that we can all relate to, George’s music flows with tranquility and honesty. The young man recently released his single, ‘How High Does the English Grass Grow’, another promising cut exhibiting the same kind of mesmeric echoes alongside whispering vocals that will surely stir up the best kind of emotions. With these two introduction singles, Arran George is looking strong out of the gate and appearing to be not just another guy with a guitar and mic in his bedroom. He just released his debut EP, What I See On Daytime TV and something special is clearly on the horizon.

Take a listen to ‘The Middle’ below:

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