In a recent interview with The 405, Roísín Murphy offered an unfiltered and honest insight into the challenges and limitations of working independently and making music today. While promoting her series of 12” singles, produced by Maurice Fulton, 2018 became an intense year for her. Between making the music, creating the visuals, touring and promotion, she explained “All the work I’ve been doing in the past few months has been insane. It’s tricky, I don’t know how long anyone can keep it up.”

The 405 is delighted to premiere a Behind The Scenes film of her self-directed video, ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’ (feat. Ali Love). The short film (shot, directed and edited by Astrid Edwards/Rockmother Films) captures Murphy’s joy and the kinetic energy of her fans while making the kaleidoscopic visual, instilling the spirit of dance culture into the video. She states that directing has been one of the hardest things that she has ever done in her career and ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’ is an example, as Murphy notes in the short film, of what can be made with “thrupence and love.”

Roísín will be performing at All Points East and Primavera Sound in May. For more information, visit her official website here.