Alison Wonderland is a classically trained musician who has moved up in the electronic music world as an internationally recognized producer and DJ. She is currently in the midst of her “FMUONASL Tour” across North America while simultaneously working on perfecting her sophomore album for release in the near future.

After her set, a fan and aspiring DJ – inspired by her realness and upward climb in the industry as a female – asked for the words “calm down” in Alison’s handwriting for a tattoo. She settled on a favourite font, ordered an Uber, and the tour videographer Jeffrey Zoss and I jumped in with her to document the adventure.

AW 1_show opener
AW 2_mid show
AW 3_fmuoasl
AW 4_end of show
AW 5_fans
AW 6_kelly
AW 8_handwriting
AW 9_tattoo parlor
AW 10_artist in motion
AW 11_portrait