Phil Smithies went Behind the Scenes with the fantastic Death From Above 1979 at Electric Ballroom in London last night, and you can check out the stunning photo gallery right here.

The Electric Ballroom, Camden is ideal for this two piece from Toronto. It may have been a while since their last show in London yet the crowd can't get enough. Reuniting is always a difficult task yet these guys come on, go straight into their first track and own the stage from the get-go.

Sebastien does well to get the crowd singing and shuffling themselves about; 'Cheap Talk', 'Crystal Ball' and 'Romantic Rights' being the highlights (even I was tempted to throw my half full cup of tap water into the crowd). DFA1979 even have the time to slow it down with everyone chanting the words to 'White is Red' (which led to a slightly awkward joke about the death of a recent celeb).

It was refreshing to see these guys back and playing old and new material like they never split however at times it felt slightly underwhelming and the absence of 'Blood on our Hands' was disappointing.

The show came in support of the band's latest album, The Physical World, which we enjoyed a whole bunch (the album "confirms everything we'd hoped for: DFA still know how to produce unstoppable energy, they still know how to push a bass guitar to its full capacity and they still know how to inject tonnes of fun into not just their product, but the wider spectrum of music itself.")

  • Setlist
  • 1) Turn It Out
  • 2) Right On, Frankenstein
  • 3) Virgins
  • 4) Cheap Talk
  • 5) You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
  • 6) Go Home, Get Down
  • 7) White is Red
  • 8) Trainwreck 1979
  • 9) Crystal Ball
  • 10) Nothin' Left
  • 11) Going Steady
  • 12) Gemini
  • 13) Little Girl
  • 14) Government Trash
  • 15) Always On
  • Encore
  • 16) Cold War
  • 17) Romantic Rights
  • 18) The Physical World

Words by Matt Rodriguez