Film maker Astrid Edwards' latest work should have by no means flown under your radar. She recently directed and shot the mesmerising new video to Cornershop's 'Milkin' It' (featuring guest vocalist Light of Aquarius), in which she documents and offers insight into the East Oakland, California dance style known as turf dancing.

Turf dancing is a complex homemade brew of breakdancing, ballet and tutting and is usually done in response to a young friend dying - an RIP dance. The video features turf dancers ENinja and Chonkie F Tutz of Turf Feinz.

“I wanted to show the vibrancy in a community that is so slammed with the label of 'broken'. I wanted to show real people doing something for themselves. Expression by any means necessary. That is the essence of hip hop and something that I hope comes across in this film."

Now, the Director has allowed us at The 405 to exclusively unveil her photo diary of the project. Follow the images below to get a behind-the-scenes look at life in East Oakland, California and the precarious journey Edwards embarked on to get the film made.

Astrid Edwards now has a one hour documentary in development based on the East Oakland turf dance community scene.

You can view her blog by clicking here.

You can download the journal by clicking here.