Charlotte Adigéry is a young singer, musician and storyteller, who wraps up all of those talents with her multi-cultural background and a desire to experiment in concise and deep songs. Having released a self-titled EP in 2017, she's been back in the lab working on new material with the help of Soulwax, and has now announced that she'll be releasing a follow-up EP called Zendoli through DEEWEE on February 8th. Along with the announcement she has shared the dancefloor-flirting single 'Paténipat'.

Speaking on the ethos behind the new track, Adigéry says “If in life you feel tired and hopeless, throw out all the stuff that don’t matter in the end. Dance until you’re dizzy. Be your naked and uncompromising self.”

That insistence to move your body is ripe from the opening moments of 'Paténipat', where a thick groove immediately drives its way into the track. From there additional synths and percussion give it more dimension, and with the hypnotic intrusion of Adigéry's vocals we're quickly deep in the folds of the track. Through its 6 minutes, Adigéry's production choices and vocal playfulness make 'Paténipat' a totally unpredictable yet unbelievably addictive listen. It's a song that the majority will not understand verbally, as it's sung in Creole, but everyone will understand physically, as it seeps deep into the body and shakes it wildly without losing its grip.

There's plenty more to dig into with Charlotte Adigéry's new EP Zendoli, so you'd better pre-order it here and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.