it's so accepted, even urged to see the positive side of things. But that isn't human nature. Belgian duo, Beffroi aim to shine a black light on humanity's darker aspects - our pitfalls, weaknesses and addictions through intense electronic production from 20-year-old Valentine and haunting vocals from 19-year-old Camille. The pair have delivered the video for their new single 'Faint,' which enlists director O'nonto Zaman to explore the parts of "ideal life" that may cause some controversy, through an incredibly captured short film.

"The original idea came from the band itself, the challenge they set us was to create a story that somehow connected two different universes, that took characters from opposed social classes and build a sense of mystery throughout as to how they come together," O'nonto Zaman said. "Each character in the film is trapped in their ideal life and finds himself tempted with life's everyday vices. That allowed us, together with Shimera Films, to film all these different life situations and points of view, to create a story not just the kind of aesthetically 'nice' video which can easily get boring. In this video, what's really interesting for us is the common denominators that radically opposite environments still have, the things that connect each of us."