Last year, Belgian singer-songwriter WAYI introduced herself with a couple of strong singles, and now, she's set to release her debut EP, Love in Progress, next month. In the meantime, she's shared another strong single called 'Insecure' that sets her own soulful powerful voice against a jazzy R&B arrangement where pianos, rippling organs, and warm muted bursts of brass create a vintage but contemporary sound. Like her previous singles, the appropriately titled 'Insecure' addresses the more complicated (and frustrating) sides of love, examining a troubled relationship plagued by doubt and lacking both trust and loyalty. Her words are both thoughtful and poetic and they offer a frank account of how dishonesty and gaslighting leads to insecurity so consuming it blurs the lines between what is and isn't true. As a preview of what to expect from her proper debut, it makes for a strong and promising start to her music career.

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