To celebrate Bella Union turning 15, the iconic label will be joining forces with the equally iconic Rough Trade Shops for a 34-track monster of sublime sounds.

Rough Trade Shops Bella Union 15 will be available at Rough Trade's stall at the End Of The Road Festival, and in shops from September 17th.

The compilation was put together by Bella Union founder Simon Raymonde, who had this to say about the release:

"Looking back, as one must do when compiling any form of retrospective, is not something I had planned until I was to be 65, still a few good years away yet. So maybe that gives you a hint that I didn't exactly salivate at the idea of picking a small number of tracks from the last 15 years as some kind of complete representation of the label's output. For every artist andtrack I pick, there will be several more I cannot, and that is an uncomfortable feeling. Certainly before the time I took control of the label properly, around 2001, some of the artists signed were not wholly my choice and therefore not wholly my taste, so I decided that the only way for me to imbue this collection with the love and care it deserves was to make it as much of a personal one as I could, and most importantly to make it musically edifying to listen to. I hope I have managed to achieve this.

"There are so many notable absentees, bands that made great records for us, like Art of Fighting, The Autumns, Mazarin, Fionn Regan, Jetscreamer, Dustin O'Halloran, etc. who all would have a legitimate claim to be included on such a compilation but frankly, this is not a full retrospective release, it is basically a little over 2 hours of music and as such can only touch on the diversity of the roster, the back catalogue and thereby give a small flavour of what we do. So, once I had decided thatpersonal reflection was the only way to make this set feel authentic, the track-listing flowed pretty easily and with the exclusive tracks several artists were able to record especially for this, I feel this is a lot more than just a dip into a catalogue. It looks to the future, which is where I tend to live."

    CD One

  • 1. M Ward - Primitive Girl
  • 2. Veronica Falls - Stephen
  • 3. Wild Nothing - Shadow
  • 4. Beach House - Lover Of Mine
  • 5. Andrew Bird - Effigy
  • 6. Laura Veirs - July Flame
  • 7. Fleet Foxes - Montezuma
  • 8. The Acorn - Crooked Legs
  • 9. John Grant - TC & Honeybear
  • 10. Stephanie Dosen - Vinalhaven Harbor
  • 11. Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand in Mine
  • 12. Hannah Cohen - Don’t Say
  • 13. Poor Moon - Holiday
  • 14. Treefight For Sunlight - Time Stretcher
  • 15. Vetiver - More Of This
  • 16. Lawrence Arabia - I've Smoked Too Much
  • 17. Cashier no. 9 - Oh Pity
  • 18. Marques Toliver - Magic Look

  • CD Two

  • 1. Van Dyke Parks - Be Careful
  • 2. Mountain Man - Buffalo
  • 3. Peter Broderick - Colin
  • 4. Midlake - The Jungler
  • 5. I Break Horses - Hearts (RAR mix)
  • 6. Dirty Three - Everything's Fucked
  • 7. My Latest Novel - Wrongfully, I Rested
  • 8. The Czars - Goodbye
  • 9. Our Broken Garden - The Departure
  • 10. Lift To Experience - To Guard & To Guide You

  • Exclusive Bonus Tracks

  • 11. The Walkmen - The House You Made*
  • 12. The Low Anthem - Down There By The Train*
  • 13. Jonathan Wilson - Journey from Eden*
  • 14. Zun Zun Egui - Battlefield*
  • 15. Lanterns On The Lake - Below It*
  • 16. Father John Misty feat. Phosphorescent - I Would Love You*