Belle and Sebastian have shared another track from their upcoming new album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, which is due out on January 19th via Matador Records.

'The Cat with the Cream' succeeds the previously shared 'Nobody's Empire' and 'The Party Line'. Here's what the 405's Robert Whitfield had to say about it in his recent review of Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance:

"A track like 'The Cat With The Cream', probably one of the few tracks that would sit easily on any one of their earlier records, is just a gorgeous, atmospheric blend of strings, acoustic guitar and soft, harmonious vocals drenched in reverb. Sarah Martin's quiet, understated performance compliments Murdoch's beautifully and the backing utilises the string swells to great effect, fading into the background during the verses; becoming clearer during the choruses. It provides the song with a certain subtlety, coming as a breath of fresh air after following three up-tempo tracks, drawing you further into this world the band have conjured up. The whole thing feels almost like a musical fairytale, though one grounded in kitchen sink reality - Cinderella as directed by Mike Leigh perhaps."

Listen below.