Belle and Sebastian have just signed an exciting publishing deal with Polar Patrol, the publishing company founded by members of Snow Patrol. They'll be releasing their ninth album later on in the year through Matador Records, with the Polar Patrol having the publishing rights.

Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol is excited about the signing, saying "We couldn't be happier about signing Belle and Sebastian. We have known them for nearly twenty years as they were signed to Jeepster Records the same time we were in the mid-nineties. They are an extraordinary band, who not only write great, enduring songs, but have over many years woven magic and wonder into tales of ordinary life. And in the time of twitter when it seems every detail of every life is up there for all to see they somehow retain an element of rare and alluring mystery."

Polar Patrol already works with artists such as Here We Go Magic, Nadine Shah, Luke Temple, and Tired Pony (members of Snow Patrol, REM, Belle and Sebastian), so they have a pretty impressive roster. Polar Patrol is built on the premise of artists helping other artists, which sounds pretty great by me.