All Tomorrow's Parties Iceland 2015 has announced a line-up for the festival, being held in Iceland (obviously) at former NATO base, Ásbrú (which dates back to 1941; the last US occupants left in 2006), in Keflavík, near Reykjavík. Founder of the festival, Barry Hogan, is pretty stoked about the whole thing and said this:

"We are super excited to be returning to Iceland for a third year and its exciting to watch the festival grow with so many musical heroes from Loop and Godspeed to new blood such as Younghusband and Run The Jewels. There is more to come and this is likely to be our best lineup yet".

But you can go to the actual ATP Iceland website for further details. And if you're already hungry for some tickets, go get 'em.

Speaking of Iceland… The 405 had a lot of fun in Iceland quite recently (we have something of an obsession for the country and its music, you see).