Raspy, incisive and unrelenting - that's probably the only way to describe London rapper Ben Ridley and his latest track 'Recky'. Produced by Cyrus, 'Recky' is littered with witty punchlines as Ben raps over a beat that switches tempo frequently throughout whilst maintaining his smooth flow. Speaking to The 405 about the track's inspiration Ben said, "I made the track for a few reasons, I think for a while I got stuck in trying to make myself a marketable character musically. A lot of people had given me 'advice' that messed up my natural wave for a minute so this is really me coming back to not caring."

He continues: "At the same time I want to sneakily influence people's minds in a way so I purposely drop little bars to spark thoughts against misogyny, the whole 'light skin dark skin' thing and stuff like that, but in a way that's natural to me because I don't have the answers."

Over the past couple of weeks, Ben has been releasing songs as part of an audio series titled 'Can You See It' in the same open and expressive manner. It's clear that the rapper doesn't compromise between melodies and a message, which is promising for a rapper navigating his way towards further exposure.