Beneath Photography grew from a side project created by young rising photographer, Andrew Ferguson. After being involved in a graphic design course at Hull school of art and design, Andrew got his hands on his first SLR camera and set his sights on the world of photography in the hopes of mastering the techniques of his boy hood idols . Needless to say, Andrew could not have imagined the level of un edited talent that was seemingly harboring inside of him, waiting for a chance to break out. Baring no illusions that the caliber of his work has only been achieved through technology, Andrew gives praise and recognition back to his natural resources, acknowledging his eyes; the real tools of his trade, on their ability to create composition and story telling with pin pointing accuracy and stunning results. It has to be said that Beneath Photography isn't at the bottom, rather on its way to climbing above all the rest. Check out the Exclusive Interview! When did you first take a serious interest in Photography? Towards the end of my first year doing my graphic design degree. I needed to take some photos for a project or something, borrowed my dads crappy digital camera and I guess it all just started from there. My dad used to be quite heavily into photography when he was younger, to the extent that he has a darkroom built in my granddads house. It’s full of all these old prints which I could spend days looking through. I keep meaning to do more 35mm work but just cant seem to find the time. So I’m a self-taught photographer and it seems that photography is overtaking my graphics interest. What cameras/equipment do you use? I use a Nikon D200, which is getting on a bit now. I feel lenses are more important then the camera body so when I buy new glass I always try to get the best I can afford, which to be honest is not very often. I use…. Nikkor 70-200 2.8 vr Nikkor 18-70 3.5-4.5 kit lens Nikkor 50mm 1.8 Nikkor 10.5 2.8 fisheye (my favorite lens) Nikon SB-800 flash Soft-box made of bicycle spokes, a bin bag and some tracing paper. How did you get into photographing for Motocross? Well my dad used to race so I have been brought up with it in my life. I used to ride before I started college but just ran out of time to actually get out on the bike. When I began to shoot motocross I was fascinated by the fact that you could freeze such a fast unpredictable sport enough to be able to study how the earth moves around the tires and even the riders eyes. I shot from the crowd when I started then emailed a few editors of magazines which enabled me to get media passes now I freelance for all the leading UK motocross magazines. Have you ever been injured whilst taking photo's? Ha, I have fallen over many times but never injured myself. Been pretty close to being hit on the head by rocks when I’m shooting motocross and I’m fairly clumsy so I guess it wont be long. Who or what inspires you to take photography? For some reason I know very few photographers and artists names. This has also been the same throughout all my design education. Don’t get me wrong I look at all manner of art and photography daily and feel inspiration but never seem to take in names. I’m not sure why this is? Haha. Anything, music, art or sometimes even a feeling can inspire me. You've also taken photo's of bands such as Avenge Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Lynchpin and Glamour Of The Kill. If there was one band (or artist) past or present that you would love to capture, who would it be and why? That’s a tough question. I would love to do some gritty jazz photos in a smoky bar somewhere. I think that the atmosphere of such a musician can be powerfully captured through photography. InMe are one of my favorite bands and such good live performers, I would love to capture their great energy and stage presence. What is the key to never getting bored and mentally burnt out by what you do? When I first got into taking photos I used to a lot of live music but I just got bored of it. Seems everyone these days is a music photographer (just look at myspace) and the music photography scene just seems to me, to be so un-appreciated and flooded. I personally get bored very easily so when I am out with the camera I always try and think of not only how I’m going to take a photo, but why. Explanation of your work adds depth, meaning your not just left with surface visuals, or as my tutor used to constantly tell me “style over substance is BAD”. Every time I go out with my camera I learn something new and hope this continues for a long time to come. I also go through each photo in Photoshop, sometimes just proofing colours and sometimes working a little more into an image. That part of my work can be very time consuming and tedious but some good music and a lot of coffee can help me along. I'm literally in awe of your industrial and environmental portfolio, they're brilliant. Is there anywhere else in the world, be it country or landmarks, that you'd like to visit to take photography? I went to Manhattan earlier this year and there just seemed to be endless photo opportunities. The people and the places had so much diversity and background that I would see a photo everywhere I went. For example I think it was the second to last night and me and the 2 of the 3 other guys I went with had a proper night out (the 3rd spent the night on the toilet). After the taxi dropped us off at 4am we got lost, Jack Daniels was not helping what so ever and it was raining. The road had just been resurfaced and as the rain hit the hot tarmac steam rose up, giving a seriously weird atmosphere. Then 3 skateboarders came along and just skated up and down the street. I was literally kicking myself for not having a camera; it looked like a scene from a film or something. Having said that I’m not sure how much use I would have been with if I did have my camera. I’m also planning to drive to the south of France with my friend Rich in September stopping off at random places, might even have a night out in Paris so I’m sure there will be many photo opportunities then. What is your favorite medium to photograph, eg people, landscapes, cars etc? Motocross is by far my favorite, but I would love to get into photographing people especially fashion based work. I think there is a lot of scope to be creative there. Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years time, in terms of your work, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life? I very much hope to be working in the photography or design industry. My photography seems to be taking over my design work. Perhaps to have my own studio or photography business would be pretty sweet. Oh and I intend to get out of this country as soon as possible but I’m not going to get into that. Check out Andrew and more of his work at Beneath Photography here!!!