Climate change is real. I live in Los Angeles where only a handful of miles from me in any direction, wildfires are raging because of unseasonably warm temperatures amid still-dry brush from California’s severe drought; I also used to live in Miami, Florida, a city that is rapidly sinking into the ocean as ice caps melt at record speeds. My experiences aren’t coincidence though--go anywhere around the world, and locals will remark about the subtle, yet monumental changes to their environments happening before their eyes. Knowing full well that our leaders aren’t going to do anything about it, the burden to literally change the world has fallen on folks that have little to contribute. But Benibu wants to make it easier to give.

Benibu is the moniker of Ben Taylor, the frontman for the New York-based indie rock group Beecher’s Fault. With this project, Taylor wants to drive social, humanitarian, and environmental progress. Each single Benibu releases will be tied to a charity Taylor is passionate about, and all the profit from streams and purchases will be donated to said cause. For his debut, Benibu is shining a light on climate change, and with his new video, he is optimistic.

For 'Afterparty', all donations will be made to, whose mission is to build a “global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to science and justice.” The track is a twee bedroom pop jam, featuring production work by Mandy Gurung and Diwas Gurung, backing vocals by the Gurungs and Lauren Hunt, and mixing and engineering by Tom Gardner. A serious piano melody opens the song, but swiftly changes tone once bubbling synths take over. The images flashing across the screen are grim reminders of the damage already done to nature, but by the end, the reel rolls in reverse. And in that time, through your idle listening, you’ve donated directly to to affect the change that the video implies.

Watch it below exclusively on the 405, and find 'Afterparty' on streaming services everywhere tomorrow. Put this track on your favorite playlist and ensure it gets as many spins as possible, because not only is it a bop, but the proceeds go to a good cause: supporting our dying planet. We’re going to need it for at least a little while longer.

Stay tuned for more from Benibu, who plans to release his next single in February. Visit his website for more information.