Sometimes, when you're feeling at the bottom of your creative well, the best thing to do is to throw yourself completely outside of your comfort zone. That's exactly what Benjamin Booker did in February last year when he realised he had absolutely no new songs - he bought a ticket to Mexico, packed his books and guitar, and went down there with no real plans. He spent days exploring Mexico City, enjoying the local music and food (when it wasn't making him sick), and then retreated into silence to focus. As much as possible he tried to avoid the news, but with such a toxic climate and the rising pertinence of the Black Lives Matter campaign, he couldn't tune it out entirely.

The little pieces of information that he did receive, mixed with his unfamiliar surroundings, became Booker's new album Witness, which will see release through Rough Trade on June 2nd. We get our first taste of the album through the politically-charged title track, which features Mavis Staples (the go-to voice for statement making it seems, following her turn on Arcade Fire's 'I Give You Power').

You can read Benjamin's full and frank story of how the album came into being on his website.

Listen to 'Witness' below and keep your eyes and ears open for more information regarding Benjamin Booker's new project in the months leading up to its release.

Witness track list:

  • 1. Right On You
  • 2. Motivation
  • 3. Witness (feat. Mavis Staples)
  • 4. The Slow Drag Under
  • 5. Truth Is Heavy
  • 6. Believe
  • 7. Overtime
  • 8. Off The Ground
  • 9. Carry
  • 10. All Was Well

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