Benjamin Francis Leftwich's new four track EP Pictures is a great follow up to his successful debut EP A Million Miles Out and has been eagerly awaited by his fans.

Leftwich is an acoustic singer song writer, with a remarkable talent for creating distinctively whimsical festival like solo shows, while his recorded material reflects his skills not just as a lyricist and singer, but as accomplished guitarist. The simplicity of the artist's music is remarkable, basically the combination of his extraordinary voice, striking acoustic guitar riffs, and the rare use of echoing synth and piano sounds drifting in the background.

The EP's first song 'Pictures', the title track off the selection of new tracks, is a whimsical journey into the mind of well established artist and has a positive and acoustically upbeat feel to it. Lyrically he questions the importance of some of the significant events of growing up and as a result, the track has a sense of juvenile naivety. 'The Boat', has a similar acoustic riff, with the same embellished lingering lyrics such as "whatever you are floating on a boat or on a star". This is a love song, or certainly a eulogy to a close one, but it's notably subtle and delicate in its content and approach. 'See You Soon', the third track, opens with a disquieting 'whir' which works well with the positive tone of the opening guitar riff and again continues the theme of someone leaving and growing up. The last track on the EP, 'Sophie' is just as fanciful and lethargic as the others with lyrics such as "and you whispered in my ear, I'm lost but you are here". This is the only track on the EP with some mild percussion, and I mean mild, a few soft beats on a floor tom and a few taps on a cymbal. It may be debatable that all of the tracks sound a little similar, but that does not detract from their collective beauty; in EP form, I am happy to listen to them over and over.

I had the luck of going to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich perform an amazing set at the Brudenell in Leeds where he played a selection of tracks; some off Million Miles Out, some off this one, and excitingly some that will certainly appear on his album. He was coy on stage, yet confident and engaging while singing and I recommend seeing him live as much as listening to this EP.