Meet berhana; he's a singer-songwriter with quite the colourful background. Born in Atlanta to Ethiopian parents, he eventually moved to New York and connected with producer Sapphire, who helped craft his debut EP. This track, 'Janet', is his personal ode to Janet Hubert, who you'll remember originally played the iconic role of Aunt Viv in Will Smith's breakout TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before she was controversially cut from the show and replaced by Daphne Reid. It started a long-running feud with Smith about her dismissal from the show.

Anyway, back to berhana, the video sees him riding his bike through a quaint neighbourhood dressed all in white. It's quite an adorable visual, if you ask me. Speaking to The FADER, he said "I could go to Julliard, work on Broadway, get a lead role on an NBC sitcom, and none of that shit's gonna matter. At any point I can be dismissed as crazy and it's a fucking wrap."

berhana's self-titled EP is available now on all good digital platforms.