It’s no news that Berlin is known for its reign on electronics, dance music and club culture. The emphasis on techno, house and experimental music will prevail for a while, however, there are two sides of the same story: bands and artists that dare to cross that bridge of thorns have a tough task on their hands, yet this bolsters an extra kick of motivation and creativity to thrive.

Relatiiv are one of those best-kept secrets in a local music scene that tends to feed on itself. The band merges elements of electronic R&B, nu-soul and downtempo hip-hop with a deeply confessional way of self-expression. With honesty at its core, their new single ‘Bad Girl’, according to vocalist Laura Lloreta, "navigates the duality one finds themselves in after having ended a relationship: on the one hand, feelings of guilt and remorse because of the inevitable pain you're causing someone; on the other hand, an irresistible sensation of freedom and growth that comes with moving forward and accepting - and encouraging - change."

Listen below:

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