Earlier this year, the quartet Berry released its first album in seven years, Everything, Compromised. The album, which is getting a physical release from Joyful Noise Records in 2018, was the result of a "musical vacation." This unique formula resulted in rollicking, eccentric epics like single 'Civil Disobedience.' This single almost marks the first release in Joyful Noise Recordings' White Label series.

Life has spread the members of Berry throughout the U.S. The commitment to the project, however, is such that the members meet up yearly for a little music. Everything, Compromised is the result of one of those vacations, which took the members to a barn in the Kansas countryside. The end product was a kaleidoscopic collection that is unafraid to explore difficult lyrical themes and characters — such as Martin Shkreli — while also utilizing shifting time signatures, dissonant harmonies and other musical eccentricities.

For a taste of what to expect from Everything, Compromised, give 'Civil Disobedience' a listen below. And be sure to look out on Joyful Noise Recordings for the chance to order a physical copy of the record.