The election results have everyone rattled. On top of being completely furious that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, there are also others that feel scared and unsafe, for muliple reasons, including their religious beliefs and race.

So Best Coast has put together an email hotline for those discouraged people. The band's frontwoman Bethany Cosentino said she would do her best to help those who reached out to

I know that a large percentage of us feel empty, disgusted, confused, helpless and scared right now- I am one of those people. However, if we lay around and sulk in bed all day, nothing will ever change. This feels like an attack on so many of us, but this also presents us all with so much motivation to get up and fight back. We have never needed each other more than we do right now. The Tower card represents change, and change is what we're going to fight for. I stand with all of my sisters and brothers today. Immigrants, POC, disabled, women (especially survivors of sexual abuse/assault), poor, single mothers and fathers, minorities, everyone - I stand with you today and everyday. Be kind to one another, we need it now more than ever. Love you guys, hang in there xxBC ❤️

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