L.A.-based duo Best Coast have just shared the first track of what will be a mini-album set for release this fall.

'I Don't Know How' is a beautiful end-of-summer anthem that smells like early sunsets and starry nights around a bonfire on a Californian beach.

Fade Away will be released on October 21st through Bethany Cosentino's Jewel City label, and is a prelude to their third studio album whose recordings should begin in November: "Everything in this band has worked out so organically that sometimes it scares me that something bad is going to happen," says Cosentino of the upcoming mini-album. "I don't even understand why this is happening. I made some songs, I put them up on the internet, and here I am now. I feel like the luckiest person in the world."

Listen to it below courtesy of NPR.

Check Fade Away's tracklisting here:

  • 1. This Lonely Morning
  • 2. I Wanna Know
  • 3. Who Have I Become
  • 4. Fear Of My Identity
  • 5. Fade Away
  • 6. Baby I'm Crying
  • 7. I Don't Know How

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