Although the LP's release date has been put back a week to October 6th, that hasn't stopped Weezer releasing more details about Everything Will Be Alright in the End.

They've taken time out of their busy schedule to preview 'Go Away,' which features guest vocals from Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino. Cosentino wrote on Instagram: "I co-wrote + am featured on a song on the new Weezer album so basically, all my teenage dreams have officially come true." You can listen to a small section of the track below.

In other Weezer news, it has been revealed that the rather unique life of frontman Rivers Cuomo is being turned into a TV sitcom. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cuomo has teamed up with Steve Franks - creator of Psych - for a new FOX comedy called DeTour. The show tells the story of a 30-year-old rock star who drops out of the limelight to find himself: "DeTour would embellish [Cuomo's] journey with a fictional character and the small band of misfit friends that make it possible for him to get through his formative years."

Let's keep our fingers crossed that it makes it past the pilot stage.