Gibberish - Good Boy, d.E.E.p. Web

Mash-ups occupy a much smaller share of the online music landscape since everyone figured out how to make them at home on their laptops, but every once in a while a project comes along that reminds listeners of the power this strange little subgenre holds. Gibberish's stitching of Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City and Childish Gambino's Because the Internet may be a bit dated, but it's a painstakingly crafted record where the combinations feel thoroughly planned and, most importantly, flawlessly executed.

'Sweatpants Freestyle' (a victim of unfortunate mash-up titling) plays as a subtler, stranger cousin to the viciousness of the original 'Backseat Freestyle', and 'Pink Justice' might even be better than the original Drake-K. Dot duet. Gibberish clearly put the time in on Good Boy, and it pays off with one of the best mash-up projects this side of Danger Mouse.

Saint Clementine - If We Are Falling/I Wish I Knew What You Did Last Summer

Saint Clementine's new cassette is a blast of heart-on-the-sleeve lo-fi that should appeal to anyone who has ever felt something stir inside them at the sound of a fuzzed-out guitar chord. If We Are Falling is sweeter and more idyllic, bearing a passing resemblance to Alvvays, but I Wish I Knew roars with grunge-infused bite and an infectious sense of indignation. That Saint Clementine hail from Spain is an interesting footnote, but lo-fi has always been an international subgenre, and one that this trio traffics in as well as anyone from anywhere.

Bloodwave - Distance

If Netflix' Stranger Things awakened within you a deep inner longing for rich '80s synths, then you owe it to yourself to spin Bloodwave's Distance - an album so soulfully and melodically rich that its lead synths feel just as satisfying as vocals. With shades of vaporwave and dream pop, Distance plays like the soundtrack to a tropical vacation you never knew you needed this badly. Standouts include the skittering 'Dream Racer' and 'Sandra's Eyes', but frankly this album is an absolute reverie front-to-back.

Swarvy - Elderberry

Even if you've never touched a microphone, this collection of jazzy beats from producer Swarvy will make you want to start spitting rhymes. Born in Philadelphia but now residing in Los Angeles, Swarvy's instrumental are truly bi-coastal, with a soulful backpack style that's distinctly northeast but an easygoing calm that could only come courtesy of California. Elderberry celebrates his signing to Leaving Records (one-time home of Jonwayne), and now that he's got some weight behind him expect to see Swarvy popping up on your favorite rapper's projects. 'Driftin' and 'T. Valentine' in particular are not to be missed, echoing shades of early J Dilla.