With a bird on her shoulder, lipstick in her hand and a mirror in front of her, Betsy faces her tortured heart in her video for debut single 'Fair.' The Welsh singer-songwriter uses sparse synths and deep thunderous vocal's reflective Annie Lennox as she perfectly captures the feeling of suffocated heartbreak in her powerful visuals.

"I wrote and recorded 'Fair' in a state of complete despair during the final throes of a relationship," Betsy told The FADER. "Writing it made me realise that it really was over. It’s about wanting to leave but not being strong enough to. In the video, I wanted to reflect the feeling of suffocation and madness I felt at that moment. I’m a big fan of David Lynch, and I remembered the scene in Wild At Heart where Lula's mother loses the plot and covers herself in lipstick. It spoke to me because that was the delirium I was feeling, and pretty much the way I was looking [while writing the song], hunched over my keyboard, bar the lipstick.”