Australia's burgeoning pop superstar Betty Who makes a proper re-introduction following the release of her Donna Lewis cover 'I Love You Always Forever'.

'Human Touch' reunites her with long-time collaborator Peter Thomas and Kyle Moorman for a stunning electro-pop number that effortlessly showcases her musical evolution from her impressive debut album Take Me When You Go and earlier EPs.

For some fans, it might seem like a rather striking change but Betty Who says it's all part of natural growth and evolution. "I've spent the past two years on the road, and I walked away with this intense feeling of wanting to make dance music. All of that touring and living developed my sense of self... 'Human Touch' is the introduction to that new version of myself I've found in the last couple of years."

'Human Touch' is available now from all good digital platforms and acts as the first single from her forthcoming second studio album, due out in 2017.