We don't know for sure, but it certainly seems like somebody knows something. Cue Noel Fisher, aka producer Detail – he got his first Grammy yesterday (Sunday 8th February) thanks to the Beyoncé and Jay Z's collaborative 'Drunk In Love' won best R&B song.

On the red carpet at the Grammys (where else for Jay and Bey news?) the producer was also interviewed by Billboard and shed just a little light on the 'secret' project that's been rumoured since the end of 2014.

"I'm working with a couple of new projects that I don't want to unveil, and then me and Beyonce and Jay Z are actually doing something together this year," he told the interviewer. It seems conclusive to us.

But in case it wasn't clear enough, Detail also said: "When you think of Jay and Bey together, you think 'album.' You should already know."

And will it be out in 2015? "In my imaginary mind, I will work to say it's true," said the producer.

You can watch the interview below.