In a truly shocking turn of events, this April 1st of all days, Jay Z and Beyoncé have stupefied content writers around the world frantically filing their April Fools' Somerset-jam-is-now-the-world's-most-valuable-export pieces.

Bey and Jay, the Antony and Cleopatra for the puppy-filter generation, have announced a collaborative project via Tidal, titled The Pregnancy.

Three hours later - because Tidal has only six subscribers - they leaked the astonishing press release via a social media scavenger hunt. Here's how it happened:

The expository paragraph was cryptically embedded in Solange's Snapchat story about her cat purring in her sleep.

The video for the debut single was only viewable by staring at an iceblock melt for 72 hours on the Facebook page of a Seoul vegan cafe.

The list of production credits was exclusively revealed through matching on Tinder with Anne, a 32-year-old single mum from Toledo, Ohio who likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

While it's very obviously an EP, the omnipotent and sagacious Ones inform us that what they're bestowing upon we unworthy mortals is in fact a 'conscious recoupling'; channelling the recent 'playlist' trend of calling albums by any other name because it's more artistically sophisticated and in no way designed to exploit the outmoded mechanisms of the UK and US streaming/chart equation.

After Lemonade imparted a solar eclipse of shade on Jay, The Pregnancy appears to strike a reconciliatory, even romantic tone. The couple plan to release the conscious recoupling on the day of the twins' birth, supported by seventeen separate Facebook Live streams in the delivery room to capture the event from every angle.

The cover art - which you can see above - asserts a return to the gritty vitality of Reasonable Doubt, though this time armed with a baby-on-board badge for the subway.

You can find the tracklist below, and head over to Tidal to stream it in full.

1. 'Beccy's Hair Ain't So Great Now, Huh?'
2. 'We Love Our Family So Much, But Nas Is Still Fucking Lame' (feat. Nas)
3. 'The Beyhive Is Now The World's Third Largest Land Army, And The UN Have Requested They Impose
4. Military Sanctions Against Putin'
5. '*8 year old from East London grime interlude*' (feat. Lil' Barnaby)
6. 'I've Been Reading Nietzsche Y'all And That Shit Makes Sense' (feat. Kanye West)
7. 'I'm Friends With Beyonce And Jay Z, But I Still Drink Draught Lager, So I'm Authentically A Down-To-Earth Guy' [Ed Sheeran Slam Poetry Interlude]
8. 'Part Dancehall Floorfiller, Part Heartbreak Ballad, All Clunk' (feat. Drake & Rihanna)
9. 'Donald Trump's A Fuckboi [But Will Cynically Help This Song Chart At #1 For 72 Weeks]'