If the news that Valentine's day is only seven days comes to you as a surprise as big as the abrupt and out of nowhere release of Beyoncé's irresistible self-titled album late last year, don't worry, Mrs. Carter has your ass covered You can now order the Yours and Mine Box Set, which gets you matching underwear for you and your partner that says either "Yours" or "Mine" in the album's instantly-iconic typeface. They're available in His and Her, Her and Her, and His and His combinations because Beyoncé is awesome.

So if your idea of romance is telling someone you own them, and you want to risk the possibility of accidentally causing them to compare themselves to Bey (something no one should ever do) then you better hurry and order. Because you only have until tomorrow to ensure that your boxset will arrive in time for Valentine's Day, and only then if you live in the US. You can also get a Surfboard Sweatshirt, which should be fun to explain if any ever stops and asks you what it means.

Watch the video for 'Mine' below.

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