Marvel has continued to mash-up the music world with the comic realm by creating brand new covers inspired by your favourite artists.

So far, they've featured artists like Jay Z, Chance the Rapper and Ghostface Killah but now they've aimed for the top by tributing Beyoncé's 'Formation' video with a new cover.

The Bey-inspired cover was illustrated by Joe Quinones for the actual new issue of America, which features Marvel superhero America Chavez, who is a queer Latinx hero and a part of the Young Avengers. The comic is due out in April.

The new comic apparently "puts an explanation point on the rich and diverse characters within the Marvel Universe. In America, the former Young Avenger stands resolute against an oncoming alien horde all while managing her social life and trying to attend various classes on other worlds," according to Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso.