In a similar move to Burial, Beyoncé has dropped a new record, destroying all 'End Year' lists in the process. The thing with Burial was that we all knew it was happening... sort of. This, not so much.

At the stroke of midnight, Beyoncé released a "visual album" on iTunes. The "visual" aspect means that each track will feature a video. "I wanted people to hear the songs with the stories in my head, because that’s what makes it mine. That vision in my brain is what I wanted people to experience the first time. Now people only listen to a few seconds of the song on iPods. They don’t really invest in a whole album. It’s all about the single and the hype, there’s so much that gets between the artist and the fans."

She continues: "I wanted people to hear things differently and have different first impressions. Not just listen to a 10-second clip but actually be able to see the whole vision of the album. It was important that we made this a movie, made this experience."

The album features the likes of Blue Ivy (her kid, duh), Jay Z, Frank Ocean and Drake. Check out the tracklisting below, along with a few video previews. Just when you though the return of Bowie and Boards of Canada was cool...

Update: Watch a playlist of all the preview videos below.

  • Beyoncé Tracklist:
  • 01. Pretty Hurts
  • 02. Haunted
  • 03. Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)
  • 04. Blow
  • 05. No Angel
  • 06. Partition
  • 07. Jealous
  • 08. Rocket
  • 09. Mine (feat. Drake)
  • 10. XO
  • 11. Flawless (feat. Chimamanda)
  • 12. Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)
  • 13. Heaven
  • 14. Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)
  • 15. Pretty Hurts (video)
  • 16. Ghost (video)
  • 17. Haunted (video)
  • 18. Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z) (video)
  • 19. Blow (video)
  • 20. No Angel (video)
  • 21. Yoncé (video)
  • 22. Partition (video)
  • 23. Jealous (video)
  • 24. Rocket (video)
  • 25. Mine (feat. Drake) (video)
  • 26. XO (video)
  • 27. Flawless (feat. Chimamanda) (video)
  • 28. Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean) (video)
  • 29. Heaven (video)
  • 30. Blue (feat. Blue Ivy) (video)
  • 31. Grown Woman (bonus video)
  • 32. Credits (video)