Wolverhampton producer Bibio has given us a sneak peek of his upcoming seventh record Silver Wilkinson (due 13th May on Warp), in the form of an album sampler.

Featuring brief snippets of each track, we catch glimpses of his 60s folk-tinged electronica and neo-soul efforts. The sampler is accompanied by a video, a kinetic representation of the LPs artwork created by the enigmatic man himself. There are swirling images of microscopic beings and rippling water interlaced with his thought-provoking and experimental bouts of emotional noise.

Watch/listen/have a gander at the tracklisting below.

  • 1. The First Daffodils
  • 2. Dye the Water Green
  • 3. Wulf
  • 4. Mirroring All
  • 5. À tout à l'heure
  • 6. Sycamore Silhouetting
  • 7. You
  • 8. Raincoat
  • 9. Look at Orion!
  • 10. Business Park
  • 11. You Won't Remember...