As of today (September 7th), independent Oxford-based record label Big Scary Monsters (BSM), is 100 releases old! Their 100th release, Partied Hard, comes in the form of a DVD/CD combo celebrating the label’s fantastic back catalogue. The DVD is packed full of promo videos from the likes of Meet Me In St Louis (MMISL), Pulled Apart By Horses, This Town Needs Guns, Dad Rocks, as well as previously unseen live videos from MMISL (taken from their first ever show!), Colour (their last ever show!), Kevin Devine, Tall Ships, Talons, Adebisi Shank and many more. As well as all that the DVD boasts a whole host of bonus material including, BSM 5-a-side football tournament highlights, behind the scenes tour footage and much, much more. DVD Tracklisting: 1. Meet Me In St Louis - All We Need Is A Little Bit Of Energon And A Lot Of Luck (Promo video) 2. Pulled Apart By Horses - Meat Balloon (Promo video) 3. Shoes And Socks Off - Here's My Head On A Playe (Promo video) 4. Secondsmile - Poets Unite In Hate (Promo video) 5. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Whitewash Is Brainwash (Promo video) 6. This Town Needs Guns - 26 Is Dancier Than 4 (Promo video) 7. Dad Rocks! - Nothing Keeps Up (Promo video) 8. My Awesome Compilation - Our Lives: The Sequel (Promo video) 9. Hold Your Horse Is - You Show Up (Promo video) 10. Shapes - Trampled By A Horse (Promo video) 11. Colour - Chutes (Live at The Fly, London - 18.09.09 - last ever gig) 12. Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood (Live at Banquet Records, Kingston - 22.07.09) 13. Walter Schreifels - She Is To Me (Live at Gaz and Black Metal Ian's flat, Manchester - 04.04.10) 14. Adebisi Shank - Shunk (Live at The Twisted Pepper, Dublin - 11.06.09) 15. Tall Ships - Word Are Pegs (Live at Barden's Boudoir, London - 15.02.10) 16. Talons - The Pearl (Live at Heaven, London - 17.11.09) 17. Blakfish - Make Your Bed And Lie In It (Live at Purple Turtle, London - 15.05.09) 18. Grown Ups - Pears (Live at Dauntaun, Milan - 09.06.10) 19. Mimas - SMOM (Live at Voxhall, Århus - 28.02.09) 20. Meet Me In St Louis - We Need To Act Like We Don’t Need This Shit... (Live at The Star, Guildford - 07.05.05 - first ever gig) And as if all that wasn't enough, the accompanying CD provides a taste of what’s to come from the label, with 9 new and exclusive tracks from BSM’s current crop of bands! Sampler CD Tracklisting: 1. Tall Ships - Plate Tectonics 2. Dad Rocks! - Kids 3. Hold Your Horse Is - Mackerel Jason 4. Adebisi Shank - International Dreambeat 5. Shoes And Socks Off - CYF 6. Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam 7. Men - Hard Water 8. Talons - Peter Pan 9. Mimas - Application Partied Hard is out now and can be purchased here through the BSM webstore. Be warned however, the compilation is only available between September 7th (the day after the release of BSM099) and October 24th (the day before the release of BSM101), so don't miss out! Once again, a huge congratulation goes to Big Scary Monsters; here’s to the next 100!

BSM100 - Partied Hard (DVD trailer) from Kevin Douch on Vimeo.