After a great year for both labels Big Scary Monsters and Alcopop! Records have released a ‘pay what you want’ sampler entitled We Ruined his Birthday with An Invisible Balloon. The 14-track compilation, which features tracks from Johnny Foreigner, Stagecoach, Talons, Tellison and more, is available in ‘pay what you want’ format via the BSM Bandcamp page or on CD format, which is available from both webstores for just £2 with any other purchase. Furthermore, with each physical order comes an amazing prize, ranging from naked photos of Tall Ships to the top prize, which is every BSM/PoP release of 2011. A full list of prizes can be found here Tracklisting: 01. Tellison – Edith Wharton 02. Stagecoach – Hieroglyphics 03. Kevin Devine – She Stayed As Steam 04. The Attika State – Sounds of the Stereo 05. Hold Your Horse Is – Welcome to Obscurity 06. Johnny Foreigner – Who Needs Comment Boxes When You've Got Knives 07. Talons – In the Shadow of Our Stilted Homes 08. Ute – Innocent Tailor 09. Tall Ships – Plate Tectonics 10. Screaming Maldini – As Dew In Aprille 11. Mimas – La Moustache Formidable 12. My First Tooth – Dubrovnik 13. Walter Schreifels – Open Letter to the Scene 14. Jumping Ships – The Matterhorn