Big Wave certainly have their work cut out for them. Not only does their brand of upbeat, jangly, female-fronted guitar pop have a 30 year legacy to compare itself against, but it's debuting into an already oversaturated market of lo-fi popsters. With so many artists playing this style recently, even the genre's biggest fans might be wary of new entries.

But as soon as 'Circumstance' kicks off, it becomes a little bit easier to forget all that. Big Wave don't waste a second getting to the tunes, and the tunes here are plentiful. Boasting about as many hooks as you could fit into 2 and a half minutes and bursting with personality and melody, it's a particularly undeniable piece of pop music. And it's not just a pretty face either; beneath the catchy vocals and unassuming exterior, 'Circumstance' is a lovingly performed song, far-flung from any of the lazy, one- dimensional duds in the genre.

The rest of the EP fares similarly. In fact, each of these 5 songs is just about as good as the last. Despite the brevity and simplicity of the music here, Big Wave's sound is actually pretty fleshed out, and the songs are just different enough to remain memorable. It's also a sound that's just really classic. Any of the recent callbacks to C86 indie pop have obviously had a wistful throwback element, but Big Wave's take on the style is particularly nostalgic. A lot of the time The Roots of Love sounds as if it could literally be some long-lost release from 20 years ago, a buried gem in the Sarah Records canon. The guitars are a bit more jangly, the vocals a bit more twee, the sounds a bit less obscured than those of most of their peers.

Consistent as all hell and clocking in at just over ten minutes, there's really no reason for you to not check this out if you're at all a fan of the style. Yes, the comparison points here are obvious: Black Tambourine, Tiger Trap, The Pastels. Or, more recently, Dum Dum Girls, La Sera, and (older) Best Coast. But why hold that against them, especially when the outcome is so fulfilling? After all, as long as there's an audience for this type of music, there will be bands like Big Wave putting out great tunes like these. And that's a beautiful thing.