We're big fans of Billie Marten here on The 405, so it's with a little flutter that we bring you her new song 'Mice', the first track to be shared by the young songwriter since her excellent album Writing of Blues and Yellows. Excitement might not be the right feeling about 'Mice' though, as it's a song written by Marten when at her lowest. She explains her feeling when writing the song in Cornwall last year:

“I felt sort of empty and lacking a lot of purpose. Mice came out of that sentiment which is why the drums are so lethargic and lazy. The chorus though, reflects how last year I didn’t know who to ‘imitate’. It seemed there was only good and bad people in black and white; I was the anomaly in the middle.... Then I went walking and sat on a dead man’s bench and wrote the last verse.”

Billie Marten's voice is a naturally stunning instrument, but when used to express such drab, personal and hollow feelings it becomes devastating. 'Mice' finds her in thoughtful mode, as she's considering her decreasing bodyweight, her tiredness and her feeling of complete disorientation in life. Her natural aptitude for poetry brings out idiosyncratic imagery as her emotions meld with her surroundings, the walls pressing on her, and later the sun crawling over her skin. Musically subtle, but ambitious, in Billie Marten's 'Mice' you'll also hear snatches of atmospheric samples, silky harmonies, delicate tones and a playful bass all combining together to fully express the complex emotional palette. Listen below.

News about a new album from Billie Marten can't be too far off, so follow her on Facebook and Twitter to find out what's next. She's also got a couple of live dates coming up:

29th September - Kenilworth Arts Festival
5th October - Neighbourhood Festival, O2 Ritz Manchester