Led Zeppelin - 'The Rain Song'

I'd just come back from America (having bumped into Robert Plant casually) and got in the studio - where Cam my producer taught me to play this (and I played it every day for the next two weeks). It's such a beautiful song. Every time I play it the sun comes out. One of the best moments this year I'd say.

Hannah Cohen - 'Baby'

This is one of those songs that seeps into you without you even knowing. I played this before making a song called 'Untitled'. I'm in love with her voice and the whole song uses just three chords.

Sharon Van Etten - 'Our Love'

I would walk around London listening to this one on repeat. I heard it on the radio one morning before going to the studio and thought it was lovely.

J.J Cale - 'Cocaine'

One time we needed a bit more motivational sass to finish a song. This did the trick.

Jane and Barton - 'It's A Fine Day'

This is the last song on my debut album. I recorded it on Garageband at home, on a terrible 'telephone' vocal with my Dad lawn-mowing in the background.

All photos by Danny Payne. Billie Marten's forthcoming debut album, Writing of Blues And Yellows, is released on September 23rd through Chess Club Records/RCA. Watch the video for 'Lionhearted' below.