Following Thom Yorke's decision to remove material from Spotify after accusing the giant of exploiting artists with low royalty payments, Billy Bragg has now addressed the issue on his Facebook page, blaming "the labels, not Spotify" for artist exploitation.

"The problem with the business model for streaming is that most artists still have contracts from the analog age, when record companies did all the heavy lifting of physical production and distribution, so only paid artists 8%-15% royalties on average.

"Those rates, carried over to the digital age, explain why artists are getting such paltry sums from Spotify. If the rates were really so bad, the rights holders – the major record companies – would be complaining. The fact that they’re continuing to sign up means they must be making good money."

He also added that British musicians should "take action to get royalty rates that better reflect the costs involved in digital production and distribution," like the Swedish do.

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