Oh, Billy Corgan. At this point he's kind of becoming a parody of himself, isn't he? Last month he performed an eight-hour drone performance based off of Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, and now he's turning his eye to the world of Islamic mysticism. He'll be performing a piece based on the mystical Islamic brance Sufism, specifically the poems of Rumi.

Taking place at Madame ZuZu's, his Chicago tea shop, he describes the performance as “four sonic impressions on poems by the great Sufi mystic.” It'll be free (space is limited, though) and it will begin at 1pm. If it's anything like his Siddhartha rendering, it'll probably be an extremely long and drawn out piece of electronic drone. Sounds thrilling!

If you missed the other Smashing Pumpkins news, he's announced that the band will be releasing not one but two records in 2015, and a reality show based around his wrestling company is in the works. Oh, Billy.