For all you achievement hunters out there, prepare to spoil your Bioshock Infinite experience as the in-game achievements for the game have now been published and give away an awful lot about what to expect weapon and game mode-wise.

Those who don’t want any spoilers, would you kindly look away now:

The 1999 mode has three achievements; an achievement for unlocking it, one for beating it, and another for completing it without using dollar bill vending machines throughout the game. There are also weapon-based achievements such as the “Founder Pig Volley Gun” and the “Paddywhacker Hand Cannon”.

The biggest reveal via the achievements is that special abilities are no longer provided via the EVE syringes that were featured in the previous games. Instead, the player has to ingest “vigors”, a type of elixir. The game will feature eight separate types of vigors.

Other than this, the rest of achievements are mainly skill-based feats in how many times you can use a certain weapon against a certain enemy. However, the main achievements near the top of the list do give away a little about the story – so make sure to avert your eyes.

Bioshock Infinite is out March 26th 2013 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.