Year of the Dogfish, the first full-length album from Bird Call in six years, was born from a turbulent period of depression, loss, isolation and addiction. But singer-songwriter Chiara Angelicola has translated that hardship into her most striking music, as evidenced by her new album's smoky new title track.

With its reverb-laden vocals and neo-psychedelic instrumentation, 'Year of the Dogfish' is a fascinating commentary of the performative nature of relationships and how difficult these behaviors are to cut out of our relationships. In the song's video, directed by Guatemalan film director Renato Melini, Angelicola relishes the opportunity to carry this out even further as she acts out the "performative, rote and monotonous gestures partners can take on in intimate relationships."

You can watch the video for Bird Call's 'Year of the Dogfish' up above. Her album of the same name is due out Nov. 8.